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Idea Pipeline

Some of the web-based ideas I'm kicking around in my head.

Genius Idea #1: Secret Santa (using the Google App Engine)

A web-based program for implementing a secret-santa gift-exchange list.  An admin will define the group and fill out a list of participants, each of whom will receive an email inviting them to participate in the secret santa pool.  Once everyone has accepted or rejected their invitation, the group will generate random pairings and notify each participant of the person they are to shop for.  The group will have a recommended value of the gift to purchase, and possibly links to each participant's wish-list (like on if they have one.

Genius Idea #2: Win the Lottery

You can't win if you don't play, right?  Well I don't play the lottery and I've got about as much chance as anyone else.  Instead of a 1 in 838,383 chance, I've got a 0 in 838,383 chance.  Pretty similar odds, if you ask me.
But, I have a theory on how to improve my odds dramatically.  It all depends upon how dramatic "dramatically" really is.  I'm running some calculations and simulations.  Some of my findings are at

Genius Idea #3: Pecan Log (using the Google App Engine)

Another web-based program that will allow you to post private messages for specific people to pick up.  A private mailbox.  You can create a message, encrypt it, place it in a mailbox, and only the specified recipient will be able to decrypt and view the message.